O Cosmedics Skin Ritual

$299.00 $343.00

Launching with the much anticipated GINGER&ME Hydrating Balms, Ginger&Me Mindfulness Skin Ritual Bags are the perfect opportunity to introduce your skin to gentle, clean, active skincare.

The luxurious ritual experience that is GINGER&ME is now better than ever and is the perfect Christmas gift set for everyone, containing all the essentials for a nurturing daily routine.


Nutri-Luxe Cleansing Oil, Eye Cream, SOS Relief Cream, Protect Skin Balm

Lift Firm: 

Nutri-Luxe Cleansing Oil, Eye Cream, Regenerative Nourishing Cream, Lifting Skin Balm


AHA Milk-Gel Cleanser, Eye Cream, Medi Control Lotion, Clear Skin Balm


    AHA Milk-Gel Cleanser, Eye Cream, AAA & Brightening Cream, Brightening Skin Balm