Vani-T Spray Tans

Look like you have been on a holiday all year round. Totally safe, great colour, quick and east application. For best results, exfoliate up to 2 days prior. Do not shave or schedule same day waxing. Wear loose-fitting clothing. 

 Full Body $50
Half Body $40
Concession (6 for the price of 5) $250



Body Wave

Cellulite, Weight Loss and Tanning - All in one

Proellixe VibroRollage checkout the profound benefits of an oscillating vibration plate combined with heat. 

 Bodywave Casual $15
Concession - 6 Sessions $78
Concession - 12 Sessions $144


Tanning Policy

The sunbed is available to clients over the age of 18 years with a skin type of Fitzpatrick 2-6. A full medical form and skin analysis is completed prior to the use to the tanner. The dose of UV follows strict guidelines so that the melanocyte (pigment producing cells) is stimulated to provide pigment (tanning) for the protection of cellular DNA, but not to provoke skin redness (inflammation). Skin takes 48 hours to process UV radiation, so total body exposure to UV must be avoided during this period. There are associated health risks to UV exposure, including skin ageing if the ski is not healthy or well-maintained. 

For best results, ensure the skin is exfoliated and well hydrated with anti-oxidants. Suntan lotion is provided for areas that should not be exposed to UV and lips require the application of lip balm or lipstick. Goggles must be worn at all times during the tanning process and the eyes kept close. Hair hoods are available to prevent fading of coloured hair. 

Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect gift for someone you love? Treat them to a luxurious little escape of pampering or self-care! Our gorgeous gift vouchers can be made up of a dollar value for a specific treatment or package of treatments. Send us an email or pop in to our Hastings clinic to see how we can help with your beauty gift voucher. 

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