Mother's Day FREE $50 Beauty Voucher

  1. Begin by acquiring a Cameo $150 Gift Voucher, ensuring you specifically choose the Cameo Gift Card (Pink Gift Card Icon).

  2. Then select the corresponding Mothers day offer associated with the Cameo Gift Card and add it to the cart.

  3. As you proceed to checkout, the applicable discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.

  4. Please note that the purchase limit is set at 4 for this offer, per person.  Up to 4 can be processed in one transaction.

  5. If you require different Gift Voucher denominations, kindly process each denomination separately to gain the additional discounts.

Regarding the $50 Beauty Voucher:

  1. This voucher is specifically designed for Beauty Services and becomes redeemable starting January 2024.

  2. Keep in mind that the $50 Beauty Voucher cannot be used for product purchases or converted into cash.

  3. Ensure that the voucher is utilized within its validity period, they expire 24 December 2024.