Vani-T Exfoliating Mitt


The most faithful companion in your fake tan lineup. The VANI-T Exfoliating Mitt is a must-have for all sunless tanners or those wanting beautiful, silky smooth skin. Ideal for both tan preparation and removal, each stroke gently removes sunless tan build-up, banishes dead skin cells, improves circulation and leaves skin silky-soft and ready for a fresh glaze of VANI-T fake tan. Relying on the power of water alone, our Exfoliating Mitt delivers a smoother finish than even the coarsest of body scrubs (sans the irritation). Toxins and dead skin cells are naturally removed, leaving behind nothing but luxuriously soft skin that's perfectly primed and patiently waiting for its next streak-free tan.


    1. Soften skin in a shower or bath first.
    2. Wet the mitt, squeeze out excess water and place over your hand. Using reasonable pressure, rub the skin in a rapid vertical direction.
    3. Watch as rolls of dead skin are exfoliated away.


100% Viscose